Yes we are!

June 5 (Friday) was probably the most gruelling day of my life in recent times. I bought two home pregnancy tests (HPTs) at Mercury Drug on my way home from my night job. When hubby left for work, I used one and voila - the second line appeared!

This can't be - I thought to myself. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in 2013, same month. The problem lies with my follicles/eggs not "popping" out. I seemed to be going through what I read as "false ovulation" - all this time. 

My husband and I knew we won't be having an easy time conceiving. We once got help from the ob-gyn to help stimulate my hormones and induce "popping" the follicles. That didn't work. Since we didn't have enough time for all the lengthy procedures, we changed our plans - and just waited. 

A month at my new work, I noticed my period was delayed for 5 days already. I kind of expected it. The change in people's daily routine can certainly alter the way our bodies function. One more week passed. I felt strange feeling the usual pre-menstrual symptoms, and yet nothing was coming.

Then came June 5. It was gruelling because I felt a mix of emotions - so anxious and paranoid and afraid, yet anticipating and secretly giddy. I couldn't sleep nor wait for the next day, when I planned to secretly see an ob-gyn again and confirm what I discovered.

The next day June 6, the doctor had me took another HPT at her clinic. I was assured that the best hopes one can have for conceiving is a regular monthly period - so I should no longer be wondering.

What I planned as a surprise for hubby's birthday on the 19th came early that day when I asked him to go with me to the laboratory. And he was quite excited he can't not announce it in Facebook.

I could tell he wasn't an excited expectant father. ;) Hope we could channel all those likes into some health-giving energy for me and our little "sesame seed".

Right now, I'm at 6 weeks - feeling lethargic and nauseous most of the time. My tastebuds are fickle and my eating habits have gone haywire. My all-time-favorite pepperoni pizza doesn't appeal to me anymore. I don't crave for green mango with bagoong (shrimp paste). I just want food with simple flavors - milk and bread, and eggs and fruits. Yes, I'm glad I don't dislike fruits.

I still don't like the fact that I don't eat on the dot and cannot take in water as much as I want too. I feel like throwing up everytime I make my stomach full :( On the contrary, I'm happy to be getting extra TLC from the hubby ;)

P.S. My attempt to write a longer than usual post. Hope to write more frequently about my journey to mommy-hood *fingers crossed*.


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