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私の愛の誕生日 (My Love's Birthday)

Yesterday was hubby's birthday. In the morning, surprisingly, I wasn't feeling *meh* at all. I had a goal in mind. And that was to get home and bring some "special" breakfast before hubby goes to work.

Hubby was kind enough to remark that the pancakes' taste are nothing compared with what we usually eat at McDo. He didn't finish everything and I ate the leftover cake.
In the afternoon though, I still haven't decided on where to bring him for dinner. I just wanted to go some place where I wouldn't feel nauseous. I had something in mind though.
Thankfully, when we got seated at Yabu, the scent of the place was pleasant enough for me. I smelled a mild citrus-y and perhaps tangy aroma and I expressed how it's not repulsive.
We also learned something new - everything in their katsu (kurobuta / hire / rosu) set menu are refillable - except for the chops. Yes - the soup, fruits, pickles, rice, shredded cabbage and the sauce.

We both had too much though …

Yes we are!

June 5 (Friday) was probably the most gruelling day of my life in recent times. I bought two home pregnancy tests (HPTs) at Mercury Drug on my way home from my night job. When hubby left for work, I used one and voila - the second line appeared!
This can't be - I thought to myself. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in 2013, same month. The problem lies with my follicles/eggs not "popping" out. I seemed to be going through what I read as "false ovulation" - all this time. 
My husband and I knew we won't be having an easy time conceiving. We once got help from the ob-gyn to help stimulate my hormones and induce "popping" the follicles. That didn't work. Since we didn't have enough time for all the lengthy procedures, we changed our plans - and just waited. 
A month at my new work, I noticed my period was delayed for 5 days already. I kind of expected it. The change in people's daily routine can certainly alter the way our bodies fu…