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Can't wait to see you!

There... I can finally say it at almost 39 weeks pregnancy.

We've been to the doctor twice and been anticipating our little guy to come anytime soon. But soon just becomes sooner and later it seems.

Last week, during my internal examination, our OB was surprised to find me 2 cm dilated (cervix), yet still thick. That's when we started anticipating signs of impending labor.

The bloody show - had to cross this out since I was already dilatedThe true contractions - pain radiates from tummy to back and wouldn't go away even after changing positionsThe breaking of the water bag - sudden gush and non-stop trickling of water even when you attempt to hold your pee After a week (today), my stats proved I progressed somehow - 3cm dilated and cervix is soft (but still thick). Still not THE indicator which will allow me to be admitted to the hospital.
Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk... is all the good doc recommends. Gee... These days, I so feel my bottom will fall off anytime.