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Sky 100 @ ICC Tower Hong Kong

One of the places we visited in Hong Kong on our honeymoon in April 2012 was the sky100 observation deck at the International Commerce Center tower, one of the tallest buildings in the world. 
We got a tour package from a local travel agency and our first day was supposed to be our city tour and Disneyland visit. We chose not to go to Disneyland that day and found ourselves trying out the MTR, the buses instead, until we reached West Kowloon.

We had fun exploring for the first time, another city's public transport system.

It's mid 2013, what's up?

Pre Nup November 2011 Our official but unofficial pre-nup photos at the Grass Garden Resorts in Plaridel, Bulacan
"Post" Nup July 2013 Went to Avilon Zoo (Rodriguez Riza) with my teammates. Of course I asked the other M to come along and drive for us)
Photos by Louie Francisco(top) and Oliger Tarroza (bottom)