Two Years Ago and Now

Oh Ezio! Look how fast you've grown! #throwback
The little guy is only 3 months old in these photos.

Now he's almost 3ft tall and says some English and Tagalog words clearly.

He's now attending a summer junior toddler program. At 2 years and 3 months, he can do the following:
sing/recite nursery rhymes like the ABC song, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on a Bus, Johnny Johnny, knows a bit of 5 little ducks, Monkey Jumping on the Bed, Roll Over, etc.perfectly count 1-10, can count up to 20know shapes, colors, animals and their sounds, big vs smallidentify people of the household - dada, lolo, momsie, nana, ate, kuya, mommy (last to be learned)tell what he wants - dede, milk, water, swim, dutch mill (ugh), peppa pig (ugh), tv (double ugh), banana, open/close, sleep, dada and... mommy!knows how to say 'i love you' (ayabyu) and 'i heart you' with the hand gestureunderstands that when mommy and dada aren't home, they're in the office. Some Tagalog words he use: …

M's LASIK Experience

August 24, 2016
Went to shinagawa at enterprise with Mommy Elsa. My sneezing was bad and I thought my lasik appointment will be postponed. Good thing the doc approved as long as I can control the sneezing for 5min.
There were 5 of us to have similar procedure that Wednesday afternoon. It eased my nerves to talk to them but still quite nervous that I was no longer sneezing.
I was third to be called. I lied on a special chair/ bed and the next thing I remember my right eye was staring at the green light. The good doctor had some trivia about my surname. And then he began to instruct me and his staff.
Stare at the green light
Some eye drops were applied 
He taped my upper and lower eyelashes Relax your eye
Don't push against the speculum
You will feel some pressure with this
I heard doc said suction or suck or something 
Then the green light is overlapped by a red one.
Burning smell, something like when the derma cauterizes your warts.
My eye was washed with water.
Speculum and tap…

Note for Ezio #1

Please note, Ezio Alfons When I say your feet are wide and plump - I mean to say they're the most adorable pair I have seenWhen I say your tooth are big and gigantic - I mean to say your smile is the most precious when I see themWhen I say your hair is thin and you're baldy - I mean to say your entire face is the most lovely of all I love you, son and all that you are. Always remember that!
Love, Mommy

Can't wait to see you!

There... I can finally say it at almost 39 weeks pregnancy.

We've been to the doctor twice and been anticipating our little guy to come anytime soon. But soon just becomes sooner and later it seems.

Last week, during my internal examination, our OB was surprised to find me 2 cm dilated (cervix), yet still thick. That's when we started anticipating signs of impending labor.

The bloody show - had to cross this out since I was already dilatedThe true contractions - pain radiates from tummy to back and wouldn't go away even after changing positionsThe breaking of the water bag - sudden gush and non-stop trickling of water even when you attempt to hold your pee After a week (today), my stats proved I progressed somehow - 3cm dilated and cervix is soft (but still thick). Still not THE indicator which will allow me to be admitted to the hospital.
Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk... is all the good doc recommends. Gee... These days, I so feel my bottom will fall off anytime.

Almost 10 weeks more!

Wow, time hasn't surely stopped when we discovered we're having a baby. I'm now on my 30th (going 31st) week and it won't be long until we finally meet our tiny pea turned into a squash/melon (lol). A lot progressed from the last time I posted up to this day.

I'm on my third trimester now. The best part of leaving the first trimester is saying goodbye to nausea and food aversions! My taste buds have returned to normal that I can finish a makunouchi bento at our favorite cheap Japanese restaurant. Still no salmon or tuna sushi for me though. Also, I still have some aversions to select garlic-tomato and instant noodle soup aroma.On my 22nd week, we had our Congenital Anomaly Scan (CAS) done. It was not cheap and also not covered by our HMO but very worth the price. That was also the time when hubby joined the #hashtag bandwagon and proclaimed #TuloyAngLahi, yes, it's a boy!We decided to name him Ezio Alfonse. Google up "Ezio" and you will have an idea wh…

私の愛の誕生日 (My Love's Birthday)

Yesterday was hubby's birthday. In the morning, surprisingly, I wasn't feeling *meh* at all. I had a goal in mind. And that was to get home and bring some "special" breakfast before hubby goes to work.

Hubby was kind enough to remark that the pancakes' taste are nothing compared with what we usually eat at McDo. He didn't finish everything and I ate the leftover cake.
In the afternoon though, I still haven't decided on where to bring him for dinner. I just wanted to go some place where I wouldn't feel nauseous. I had something in mind though.
Thankfully, when we got seated at Yabu, the scent of the place was pleasant enough for me. I smelled a mild citrus-y and perhaps tangy aroma and I expressed how it's not repulsive.
We also learned something new - everything in their katsu (kurobuta / hire / rosu) set menu are refillable - except for the chops. Yes - the soup, fruits, pickles, rice, shredded cabbage and the sauce.

We both had too much though …

Yes we are!

June 5 (Friday) was probably the most gruelling day of my life in recent times. I bought two home pregnancy tests (HPTs) at Mercury Drug on my way home from my night job. When hubby left for work, I used one and voila - the second line appeared!
This can't be - I thought to myself. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in 2013, same month. The problem lies with my follicles/eggs not "popping" out. I seemed to be going through what I read as "false ovulation" - all this time. 
My husband and I knew we won't be having an easy time conceiving. We once got help from the ob-gyn to help stimulate my hormones and induce "popping" the follicles. That didn't work. Since we didn't have enough time for all the lengthy procedures, we changed our plans - and just waited. 
A month at my new work, I noticed my period was delayed for 5 days already. I kind of expected it. The change in people's daily routine can certainly alter the way our bodies fu…