Two Years Ago and Now

Oh Ezio! Look how fast you've grown! #throwback
The little guy is only 3 months old in these photos.

Now he's almost 3ft tall and says some English and Tagalog words clearly.

He's now attending a summer junior toddler program. At 2 years and 3 months, he can do the following:
  • sing/recite nursery rhymes like the ABC song, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on a Bus, Johnny Johnny, knows a bit of 5 little ducks, Monkey Jumping on the Bed, Roll Over, etc.
  • perfectly count 1-10, can count up to 20
  • know shapes, colors, animals and their sounds, big vs small
  • identify people of the household - dada, lolo, momsie, nana, ate, kuya, mommy (last to be learned)
  • tell what he wants - dede, milk, water, swim, dutch mill (ugh), peppa pig (ugh), tv (double ugh), banana, open/close, sleep, dada and... mommy!
  • knows how to say 'i love you' (ayabyu) and 'i heart you' with the hand gesture
  • understands that when mommy and dada aren't home, they're in the office.
Some Tagalog words he use:
  • wala na (no more)
  • tara (let's go)
  • sakit (ouch)
  • ayos! 
  • weh, di nga! (hmmm...)

Till next update!


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