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Almost 10 weeks more!

Wow, time hasn't surely stopped when we discovered we're having a baby. I'm now on my 30th (going 31st) week and it won't be long until we finally meet our tiny pea turned into a squash/melon (lol). A lot progressed from the last time I posted up to this day.

I'm on my third trimester now. The best part of leaving the first trimester is saying goodbye to nausea and food aversions! My taste buds have returned to normal that I can finish a makunouchi bento at our favorite cheap Japanese restaurant. Still no salmon or tuna sushi for me though. Also, I still have some aversions to select garlic-tomato and instant noodle soup aroma.On my 22nd week, we had our Congenital Anomaly Scan (CAS) done. It was not cheap and also not covered by our HMO but very worth the price. That was also the time when hubby joined the #hashtag bandwagon and proclaimed #TuloyAngLahi, yes, it's a boy!We decided to name him Ezio Alfonse. Google up "Ezio" and you will have an idea wh…