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Two Years Ago and Now

Oh Ezio! Look how fast you've grown! #throwback
The little guy is only 3 months old in these photos.

Now he's almost 3ft tall and says some English and Tagalog words clearly.

He's now attending a summer junior toddler program. At 2 years and 3 months, he can do the following:
sing/recite nursery rhymes like the ABC song, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on a Bus, Johnny Johnny, knows a bit of 5 little ducks, Monkey Jumping on the Bed, Roll Over, etc.perfectly count 1-10, can count up to 20know shapes, colors, animals and their sounds, big vs smallidentify people of the household - dada, lolo, momsie, nana, ate, kuya, mommy (last to be learned)tell what he wants - dede, milk, water, swim, dutch mill (ugh), peppa pig (ugh), tv (double ugh), banana, open/close, sleep, dada and... mommy!knows how to say 'i love you' (ayabyu) and 'i heart you' with the hand gestureunderstands that when mommy and dada aren't home, they're in the office. Some Tagalog words he use: …