M's LASIK Experience

August 24, 2016

Went to shinagawa at enterprise with Mommy Elsa. My sneezing was bad and I thought my lasik appointment will be postponed. Good thing the doc approved as long as I can control the sneezing for 5min.

There were 5 of us to have similar procedure that Wednesday afternoon. It eased my nerves to talk to them but still quite nervous that I was no longer sneezing.

I was third to be called. I lied on a special chair/ bed and the next thing I remember my right eye was staring at the green light.
The good doctor had some trivia about my surname. And then he began to instruct me and his staff.

Stare at the green light

Some eye drops were applied 

He taped my upper and lower eyelashes
Relax your eye

Don't push against the speculum

You will feel some pressure with this

I heard doc said suction or suck or something 

Then the green light is overlapped by a red one.

Burning smell, something like when the derma cauterizes your warts.

My eye was washed with water.

Speculum and tapes were gone and my right eye was allowed to close.


My left eye's turn. I'm not sure I would want to undergo another set of the procedure. But I just thought - tomorrow I would be free!

I was out of the operating room. At the recovery room, the company of other people was a huge thing for me. 

How did you feel?

I was tearing quite uncontrollably and my eyes felt sore, and tender, and sensitive. I wish I could just sleep right there.

I just closed my eyes and attempted to open them a bit. things are beginning to look clearer if not for the vampiric feels. The lights hurt my eyes if they're open for too long.
But... I can definitely see better than my old default eyes sans glasses.


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