Almost 10 weeks more!

Wow, time hasn't surely stopped when we discovered we're having a baby. I'm now on my 30th (going 31st) week and it won't be long until we finally meet our tiny pea turned into a squash/melon (lol). A lot progressed from the last time I posted up to this day.

  1. I'm on my third trimester now. The best part of leaving the first trimester is saying goodbye to nausea and food aversions! My taste buds have returned to normal that I can finish a makunouchi bento at our favorite cheap Japanese restaurant. Still no salmon or tuna sushi for me though. Also, I still have some aversions to select garlic-tomato and instant noodle soup aroma.
  2. On my 22nd week, we had our Congenital Anomaly Scan (CAS) done. It was not cheap and also not covered by our HMO but very worth the price. That was also the time when hubby joined the #hashtag bandwagon and proclaimed #TuloyAngLahi, yes, it's a boy!
  3. We decided to name him Ezio Alfonse. Google up "Ezio" and you will have an idea where we got the name. The second name, on the other hand, is something I wanted even before I got pregnant.
  4. I celebrated my 31st birthday in an eat-all-you-can resto with my family, celebratory and very thankful about the upcoming addition :)
  5. On my 29th week, we went to the photo studio to take photos of hubby, myself and my sexy preggy belly (lol). It seems to be a trend nowadays. Will post a review and few more photos someday.
  6. Hubby and I experienced our last out-of-town hurrah at Puerto Princesa, Palawan before meeting our baby. Ezio and I braved the Underground River Tour very cautiously. At the moment, hubby and I are still both wondering when will we ever travel again ;)
  7. Last week my once-a-month visit to our ob-gyn was upgraded to twice-a-month. I'm going to see the doctor more often now. 
  8. When asked how the baby was - I exclaimed how "restless" Ezio has become, squirming inside me so frequently (and quite strongly too). I felt a pang of shame when doctor instead corrected us to think of our baby being "happy" inside the tummy. You're right, doc!

We can't wait to see you Ezio!
But stay in mommy's tummy until at least your 37th week,
are we clear? :)


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